Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Up-Cycled Cuteness!

Peaceful Earth Panda

As a person I'm very concerned about our environment. As an artist I love to make stuff. As a mom I enjoy surrounding my children with cuteness. The result of this equation is Baby D, a line of t-shirts featuring my original designs on up-cycled t-shirts and onesies.

Mama Bear

Why up-cycled? It's better for the environment! What good is a killer cute t-shirt if there is no world left to wear it in? The actual designs are printed in the United States on 100% cotton using an eco-friendly process and water based inks. Each shirt is lovingly selected from the thrift store. After being washed the design is ironed on to the front and the edges are machine sewn by me.

Bunny Luv

There are eight designs to choose from in sizes from infant to adult and more on the way, and upcycled Baby D tote bags are in the works!

Long Live Planet Earth!